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PVC A-Shape 600mm length Shower Door Water Seal for 8mm Glass

Minimises water splash and leakages between glass panels.
  • 600MM LENGTH
$8.00 (incl GST)
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Product Code:PVC8-A600
IMPORTANT! Soft plastic on seal will tear if it has to fold or bend over any obstructions as the door opens and closes. Trimming of the soft plastic is required so it brushes over any obstructions.
  • PVC A-Profile, with rounded soft vinyl lip.
  • To fit 8mm thick glass.
  • Not suitable for curved glass.
  • The soft rounded lip sticks out approx 7mm.
  • 600mm in length.
  • The diagram (below) illustrates how this profile is to be attached to the under side of a door panel.

  • Easy to install, no tools required, no silicon required.
    Clips onto glass.
  • You can cut the strip to any length with a fine toothed hack saw.
  • You can cut the soft plastic lip to any length with a pair of sharp scissors or a sharp blade.
  • Material: Hard PVC plastic and Soft Vinyl lip
Frameless Shower Screen Water Seal
Please note: We will endeavour to post you the minimum length specified in the listing. However, customers may need to cut the item to suit your shower screen.
(actual product may vary slightly from illustrated pictures)