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Shower Screen Check Measure Service

Which area do the installers service?

The shower screen installers service throughout the Sydney area.

How do I get a check measure service?

The stock shower screen packages listed online are pre-made, which means the glass is manufactured to the size listed on our website. When purchasing a pre-made shower screen it is your responsibility to check that the shower screen is suitable for your bathroom.

A check measure service is generally reserved for custom-made shower screen orders. However, YSS understands that at times it can be daunting to check the measurements yourself. Therefore to assist you in making the right decision, you have two options:

Option 1: Check Measure Service

  • Get a quote from YSS for a custom-made shower screen, that way if the stock standard package does not fit your shower area, you will know how much it will cost for a custom shower screen to be made.
  • Place a deposit for the custom-made shower screen and an installer will contact you to perform a check measure service.
  • If the installer advises the stock standard package screen will fit, then YSS will cancel the custom order and the deposit paid will be used to offset the cost for the stock standard package screen. Alternatively, if the installer advises that the pre-made screen won't fit, then the custom order will proceed into production as per the installer's measurements.
  • Whether a stock standard package screen or custom order screen is installed, the check measure and installation fees will still apply for this option.

Option 2: Do-It-Yourself

  • Most importantly, check that the size of the pre-made screen is suitable for your bathroom.
  • YSS recommends that you check your walls and floor with a spirit level. Since pre-made panels are cut square, your walls and floor also need to be square within a 5mm tolerance.
  • If you are not confident that the pre-made screen is suitable, you will need to get a professional to perform an onsite check measure which can only be done via the custom-made shower screen process.

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