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Discover the splendor of the Alcoves Shower Screen

Spruce Up Your Bathroom in Stlye with an Alcove Shower Screen

Renovating your bathroom can be a daunting task. If you enjoy taking leisurely showers but dislike cleaning up the mess of water afterwards, you should consider getting a shower screen. And if your shower area lies between two walls, no other shower screen is more attractive, functional and affordable as our alcove shower screen.

Functional Beauty

The transparent alcove shower screen is one of the most aesthetically pleasing renovations you can make for your recessed shower space. With its unique design consisting of high-grade transparent glass and quality rich components, your shower screen will quickly showcase your bathroom's distinct style. Each part reflects the same careful attention to detail and customer satisfaction we put in all of our products. The stark design includes functional features that enhance its usefulness beyond a mere cover for showers.

Parts That Make the Whole

From the 10mm thick safety glass designed for durability, which complies with the strict Australian quality standards, down to the H-shaped water stopper profile, each part is specifically designed to provide quality function as well as ergonomic simplicity. You can select between a supplied stylish knob-type chromed door handle, or for a small addition, an easy-grip D shaped pull handle or a functional twin towelbar handle combo or a combination of towelbar and D grip handles. Each spring loaded, chromed hinge allow you to swing the doorframe up to 90 degrees in both directions. The wall and floor brackets clearly show the careful styling consideration as well as its functional purpose. In addition, there is the very useful silicone-bottomed water bar threshold to keep water in the enclosure. The corner glass shelves keep your shower safe and elegantly organized.

Rich with Experience

The alcove shower screens reflect our long history with shower screen designs by highlighting practical features that make smart use of available spaces, as well as classy architecture that brings modern fashion to your bathroom shower. Add to these, our affordable prices and the overall combination is truly hard to resist.


We highly reccomend that you use an experience and qualfied professional shower screen installer, for the best results and workmanship. If you are within the Sydney area, we can refer you to installers who will perform excellent work.


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