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Frameless Shower Screen Cost Saving Tips

Congratulations on your decision to renovate your bathroom with a frameless shower screen! Your new enclosure is sure to add beauty to your bathroom and value to your home.


Standard Shower Screen Packages

Purchasing a standard pre-made shower screen package will save you lots on your renovation budget compared with ordering a custom made-to-measure screen which is a more costly and lenghty process.


Angles to Use

Plan for your shower to be built using 90°, 135°, or 180° angles. Most frameless shower screen hardware is designed to accommodate these angles, so planning your shower with this in mind ensures a more cost-effective installation and a properly functioning enclosure.


Plumb Walls & Level Floors

Walls need to be completely vertical or "plumb" and floor need to be completely horizontal or "level". In order to prevent large silicon gaps, uneven joints, and hinge "bind" the walls can't lean in any direction, be "bowed" or "bellied".

To ensure the most cost-effective outcome use pre-made panels. These panels are all cut square and is recommended that walls and floors are less than 5mm out of square.

Otherwise for the best outcome you should consider getting a custom-made panel which will be cut to follow the slopes of the walls and floors. Also, custom panels can also be made with intermac "CNC" cuts for bowed, bellied or uneven walls.

YesWall & Floor Square
NoWall Not Plumb
NoWall Not Plumb
NoFloor Not Level
NoBellied Wall
NoBowed Wall
NoUneven Wall

Shower Door Swing

When planning your shower design, keep in mind that Building Code states that all hinged shower doors must open outwards. If a shower doors that swing inwards only are not permitted. The shower enclosure must permit unobstructed access to a showering person in case of a fall.

Check that the shower door will not be obstructed by anything, like a toilet or vanity. If your bathroom is not suitable for a hinged shower door, consider choosing a sliding shower door.

Meets CodeInward & Outward Swing
Does Not Meet CodeInward Only Swing

Pre-Plan Your Renovation

Choosing a pre-made shower screen package before you start renovating your bathroom will allow you to build the shower area to suit a pre-made package and save you on ordering custom panels.


Mixing Custom & Pre-made Panels

We realise this is not always possible to purchase a standard pre-made shower screen package for a pre-existing bathroom and you will need to order a custom (made-to-measure) shower screen. We specialise in mixing custom panels with our pre-made panels to ensure you continue to save money.

There are couple of ways to keep the pricing of a custom-made screen down:

  1. use our standard height of 2m
  2. use our pre-made doors of 600mm wide


DIY Online Quote

Getting an online quote is not as hard as you may think, all you need to do is get approximate measurements of your shower area and it doesn't need to be exact. Our technicians can work with the approximate measurements and give you a estimated quote, if applicable they will try to give you options in reducing your shower screen quote.

The below tutorial will show you how easy it is...

Design Wizard Tutorial


Shower Screen Model

We have the most common and popular shower screen models available for selection on our online quote system, the online quote system has a limited the number of models to keep the custom shower screen quote process as simple and as user friendly as possible.

If you can't find the right shower screen model for you, please feel free to contact us and talk with one of our technicians, they have many more models available on their advanced quote system.


Glass Type

Choose from various glass types: standard clear glass, frosted glass, or starphire glass.


Upgrades & Accessories

Choose from our different shower screen accessories: handles, shelf, floor brackets, etc...


Size Settings

If you are not confident about technical details regarding your shower screen, than the quick size settings is best suited for you. All you need is the height of shower screen, the base measurements and let program do the rest for you.


Advanced Settings

Here you can change every aspect of the quote to tweak the shower screen to your technical specifications. If you are not confident about technical details skip this step and move onto the next.

TIP: Need a panel to go on top of a bath edge or short wall? Above each panel is a drop down list called Panel Style for short or dogleg panels.


Bathroom Wall, Floor & Tiling

To help our technicians make informative decisions regarding your quote, give us some background information regarding your walls and floors.

Plumb walls and level floors allow the use of pre-made panels which will reduce the cost of your quote.


Pre-production & Fine Tuning Measurements

Did you know that rough measurements within a ±10mm is sufficient for an accurate quote in 95% of the prices we send out, so you can relax and measure your shower area to the closest centimetre. If you are still unsure on what to measure, send us a photo of you shower area and our technicians can guide you on how to measure.

You maybe thinking, if the measurements provided for the quote are only an approximate how will I know the shower screen will fit my bathroom? Once you have accepted the quote and placed your deposit, we enter into the pre-production or fine tuning phase of the custom shower screen process where size modifications of ±10mm will not alter the price - with the exception of changing the height.

In the pre-production stage you have a choice of either: a) requesting for a pre-measure service, or b) do-it-yourself.

Pre-measure Service

  • A professional installer will preform a detailed measure.
  • YSS will review the installer's measurements v.s. the quote. In most cases slight difference in the final measurement will not alter the quoted price.
  • If there is a major changes which will alter the quoted price, for example: a model change from a hinge door model to a sliding door model or a height change from 2000mm to 2100mm, YSS will email you a revised quote outlining the difference between the original quote verses the installer's measurements.
  • Once final confirmation is received on the revised quote, production of the glass can begin.


  • Our technician will create a detailed production drawing which will be emailed.
  • If there are any changes to drawing our technician make the requested changes to the production drawing and email you the ammended version.
  • Once the production drawing is to your satisfaction and the final confirmation is received, production of the glass can begin.