Young Shower Screens Australia Explains How to Save Money on your Home Bathroom Shower Screen Renovations

How is Young Shower Screens different to other shower screen companies?

Traditionally, the shower screen industry works around custom frameless shower screens. An installer will measure your bathroom, give a quote on a fully custom shower screen, order the glass made-to-measure and install the shower screen. Custom shower screens are expensive compared to a standard shower screen packages. Young Shower Screens can proudly say we are one of the largest supplier premium quality standard shower screen packages Australia wide. We have hundreds of different models and sizes stored at our warehouse ready for installation, just check our online store at Buying one of our quality standard shower screen packages is where you will save the most on costs.

However we realise this is not always possible and your bathroom may not be able to fit a standard size shower screen and you will need a custom (made-to-measure) shower screen.

If you are interested in maximising your shower screen renovations budget, please read on.

Custom or Standard Shower Screens

You will need to do some quick measurements of your bathroom (floor area measurements and height) and check our standard package sizes on our online store. If you can use one of our standard shower screen packages, then you're in luck because this will give you the most savings. If you can't use our standard packages because the size is not right for you or your walls and floors are not tiled square (e.g. walls is off plumb or floor is not level), then you may need to get a custom shower screen. Rest assured that with Young Shower Screens, we will do our best to lower your cost even with custom shower screens, you can get a free online custom shower screen quote

Complete Bathroom Renovations :
If you are planning a complete bathroom renovation, e.g. ripping out all your tiles and starting anew, you can potentially save a lot on your shower screen budget with careful planning. Choose your standard package shower screen model and size, then discuss with your tiller to make the bathroom ready for your chosen size. You can find our standard packages online at

Replacing an Existing Shower Screen:
If you are replacing an existing shower screen, you may be fortunate and be able to use one of our standard packages. Otherwise, if you can't find the right size to suit your bathroom, you can get a free online custom shower screen quote

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Standard Shower Screen Package Cost Saving Tips


Step 1 : Bathroom and Shower Screen Renovation Planning

Whether you're planning a bathroom renovation or just replacing an old or broken shower screen, you will need to know your bathroom layout. Some quick measurements of you bathroom can go a long way. You will need to know where your vanity and toilet is located in relation to the shower screen. You will need to check whether the vanity or toilet will interfere with the shower screen door from opening, if you can not use a swing door we have sliding door models as well. A simple tip, just imagine you are in your new renovated bathroom and pretend you are getting in and out of your new shower screen, this will help you put your new bathroom layout into perspective and help you in the planning process.

Standard package shower screen glass panels are cut square, so you will need to make sure your walls are plumb, and floors are level. We give a tolerance of up to 5mm, if the slope of your wall or floor is less than 5mm, you can easily fill with silicon with good results, anything more than 5mm and we would recommend a custom panel be made to follow the slope of your wall or floor. If you want the shower screen to be perfect and are willing to spend a bit more on your shower screen budget, we can provide you with a custom shower screen and have the glass cut to follow the slope of your walls.
Note, you can not cut the glass used in frameless shower screens (known as toughened safety glass)


Step 2 : Choosing the Right Shower Screen Design for You

Now its time to choose the shower screen design that will best suit your needs. You can check out our online store for some of the most common shower screen models. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question regarding choosing the right shower screen for your bathroom. Please have ready as many bathroom specifics as you can, e.g. the available size you can work with, the available height, the location of your vanity, toilet, windows, doorways, towel rails, etc. The more information you can give our technicians, the better the advise we can give you. Drawing and diagrams is the best form of information to provide for our technicians.


Step 3 : Designing your Floor and Water Proofing Membrane

By now you should have a good idea on how you want your new bathroom to be. If you are redoing the tiles and flooring for the shower screen, you will need to consider what type of flooring your frameless glass shower screen will sit on. You will need to discuss this with your tiller which floor design is best suited for your bathroom, whether you will be using a hob (raised or sunken), fall to waste, etc. Your tiller will also need to design the floor to accommodate for the standard shower screen package size you have chosen. Careful planning with your tiller in this area can save you lots on your shower screen budget.

Custom Shower Screen Cost Saving Tips - Design Wizard Tutorial

Getting an online quote is not as hard as you may think, all you to do is get approximate measurements of your shower area, it does not need to be exact. Our technicians can work with the approximate measurements and give you a estimated quote, if applicable they will try to give you options in reducing your shower screen quote.


Step 1 : Selecting your Shower Screen Model

Selecting the shower screen model is easy, just pick the shower screen which is right for you. We have the most common and popular shower screen models available for selection on our online quote system, the online quote system has a limited the number of models to keep the custom shower screen quote process as simple and as user friendly as possible. If you can't find the right shower screen model for you, please feel free to contact us and talk with one of our technicians, they have many more models available on their advanced quote system.


Step 2 : Selecting your Shower Screen Glass Type

Choose from our different types of glass available.
E.g. standard clear glass, frosted glass, or starphire glass.


Step 3 : Selecting your Shower Screen Upgrades and Accessories

Choose from our different shower screen accessories.
E.g. handle type, shelf, floor brackets, etc.


Step 4 : Quick Options

If you are not confident about technical details regarding your shower screen, than the quick options is best suited for you. All you need is the height of shower screen, the base measurements, then let the computer calculate the rest for you.


Step 5 : Advanced Options

Here you can change every aspect of the quote to tweak the shower screen to your technical specifications. Take notice of the labels underneath each panel denoted [STOCK] and [CUSTOM] (see diagram below labeled A) the more panels labeled [STOCK] means a greater saving for you. For example, each custom panel can cost approximately $100 more for a small panel and up to $400 more for a large panel, as compared to a stock standard size panel. Therefore for this example (note the example below) has two custom panels and one stock door panel, which means this custom shower screen quote can cost approximately $400 more than our standard package shower screen. Below each panel is a drop down list call Preset Sizes (see diagram below labeled B) of available stock standard sizes, try and use as many stock standard size panels as you can. Try to keep the door a stock panel and keep the height at 2000mm (± depending on other selected options) will ensure you can maximise your shower screen quote to give you the best price. For those bathrooms which have a panel sitting on top of a bath edge, a great option is the drop down list call Panel Style (see diagram below labeled C), this lets you choose from full size, half size, or dog leg panels.


Step 6 : Give us some background information regarding your Wall, Floor and Tiling

This information is not critical, but it does help our technicians to make informative decisions on your shower screen design.

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