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Discover the grandeur of the Recessed wall to wall shower Screen

Enjoy Fashionable Bathrooms with the Three Panel Wall to Wall Shower Screens

Nothing is more exciting than renovating an old bathroom and making it up-to-date and more functional than ever. The wall to wall shower screens have made this easier to accomplish with its many exceptional features.

Quality and Style and in Every Design

Our wall to wall shower screens are made up of toughened glass panels that are imported from a manufacturing plant in South Asia, that has distinguished themselves for their high quality glass products. The 3 panels include one door panel, one hinged panel and one fixed panel.

You can configure the shower screens for a left layout (with the hinge on the left hand side of the door, fixed panel on the right, with the hinged panel attached to the left wall) or a right layout (hinge is the on right hand side of the door, fixed panel on the left, with the hinged panel attached to the right wall). This flexibility in the design makes the wall to wall shower screens the ideal shower screen for a 3-wall enclosed shower area.

Functional Convenience

Glass shower screens are the popular choice today because of the practical conveniences they offer. Cleaning is a breeze compared with the old shower curtain that collects difficult to remove mildew and dirt streaks. With glass, a little cleaner and some paper towels can make it spotless again. Floor wetting can also be more easily contained with the Water Bar Threshold and PVC/Vinyl Water Stopper that prevent water from flowing underneath the door clearance. The see through glass makes your bathroom look bigger and more contemporary.

Affordable Partitions

When you need to redo your bathroom to reflect a more trendy look, you need not spend thousands of dollars to renovate it. The wall to wall shower screens can give you the sophisticated bathroom you've been dreaming of at less cost and disturbance to your household.


We highly reccomend that you use an experience and qualfied professional shower screen installer, for the best results and workmanship. If you are within the Sydney area, we can refer you to installers who will perform excellent work.


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