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Discover why using our custom shower screen quote form is so easy

Custom Shower Screens

Your shower screen doesn't have to conform to any mass produced specifications if you don't want it to. We offer custom shower screen to satisfy your imaginative shower screen design. With outstanding materials and workmanship that have defined the standards of shower screens for many years, we can create your dream shower screen accurately and in no time at all.

User Friendly Online Forms

To help you identify your unique shower screen requirements, our online forms will guide you in designing your custom shower screen in just a few simple steps.

First, you will be asked to choose from among the many styles that have made our shower screens famous for their flexibility in adapting to all types of shower areas. Choices include the Square Corner Shower Screens, Splay Diamond Corner Shower Screens, Single Fixed Panel Partition Shower Screen, and The Two or Three Panel Wall to Wall and Panel Hinged Shower Screens. Additional options will be provided regarding door opening orientation (left or right), shower screen glass type (clear, frosted or starphire toughened safety glass) and return panel style (full size, half size or dog leg).

Screen Measurements and Floor Design

Guide questions will ask you vital measurements about the height, width and depth of your preferred shower screen. More questions about floor design, floor level and wall plumbing will also have to be answered. All these will help us create an accurate fit of your custom shower screen.

Additional Accessories

Several accessories can be added to your shower screens to reflect your personality and give added value. The right handle can add convenience to your showering experience. Choose among knob handles, pull handles, twin towelbar, and towelbar and pull handles.

Make your shower screens more leak proof with door clearance made from either PVC and water bar or with PVC only. You can also have a hinged panel glass shelf, a return panel glass shelf or both. Your return panel can also be fitted with return panel floor bracket for added security.

Competitive Price Quotes

Once you have made your preferences known, you will be provided a preview of your design. If you want to make changes, simply go back to the items you want to change. When you have the design to your satisfaction, just click submit to receive our best quote.

Start designing your custom shower screen now.

Maximising your shower screen renovation budget

YSS explains how you can save with our innovative custom shower screen system

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