Discover the elegance and versatility of the ES Corner Shower Screen

ES Corner Shower Screens

Bathroom Elegance with Rectangle Corner Shower Screens

Nothing is more relaxing and more fun than indulging yourself with a long shower. And whether you are remodelling or building your bathroom for the first time, your shower screen is one of the first things that have to give your attention. Rectangle Corner Shower Screens give you the best in shower screen style and function.

Elegant Design

Rectangle Corner Shower Screens provide you with the latest, most elegant style in shower screens. Just because you need it to be functional, it doesn't mean you should sacrifice beauty and sophistication. Each top-of-the-line frameless shower screen offers graceful minimalism and superior quality that will bring you many hours of pleasurable showering experience.

Functional Features

Each component of our shower screen is made of premium quality materials, built to last a long time. From the sturdy, yet beautiful three-piece transparent panels made of 10mm Grade A glass, to the hinged door with four distinct types of handles, each set is thoughtfully designed to give your bathroom the most modern look without breaking your budget. Rectangle Corner Shower Screens guarantee satisfaction with every set.

Sizes to Fit You

Do you think your bathroom is too small or too big? Never worry, there is a wide selection of sizes for the Rectangle Shower Screens, one of which is sure to fit your needs. Each size contains the same quality and elegance as the other. Truly, nothing is compromised with each product.

Your Shower Screen Specialist

Planning for your bathroom takes a lot of effort. With Rectangle Corner Shower Screens you are sure to be using the best frameless shower screens. These screens are designed and built by specialists and offered at the most excellent price. Get ready for a truly elegant showering experience.


We highly recommend that you use an experience and qualified professional shower screen installer, for the best results and workmanship. If you are within the Sydney area, we can refer you to installers who will perform excellent work.


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Rectangle Corner Shower Screen Hardware and Accessories

Hardware and accessories, may vary slightly with the different shower screen models:

Four Choices of Shower Screen Handles

Knob Handle
  • Simple knob handle.
  • A simple design favoured by many customers.
Pull Handle
  • Easy grip twin D-shaped pull handles.
Twin TowelBar Handle Combo
  • Twin towelbar handles.
  • This handle has a towelbar which allows you to conveniently reach for your towel after you have finished with your shower.
TowelBar and Pull Handle Combo
  • Towelbar handle combined with a D-shaped pull handle.
  • This handle has a towelbar which allows you to conveniently reach for your towel after you have finished with your shower.

180° Hinges

  • Spring-loaded, glass-to-glass hinges.
  • Self centering action from about 25°.
  • Pivots 90° in both directions, a total of 180°.


  • L-Shaped wall brackets.
  • Used to attached glass panels to the wall.

Corner Glass Shelves

  • Measures 240mm x 240mm.
  • Corner glass shelves are stylish and makes a great addition to your shower screen, it is also used for two useful purposes. Firstly, it acts like a brace and provides additional support to frameless shower screens. Secondly, it gives a useful shelf to place all your shower products.

Water Bar Threshold

  • Water bar thresholds are excellent for flat or level bathroom floor, without a fall to waste or hob.
  • It is siliconed underneath the door clearance.
  • Provides a barrier to stop water flowing out underneath the door clearance.

PVC/Vinyl Water Stopper H-Profile

  • H-Shaped PVC/Vinyl water stopper profile.
  • Attach to the underside of the door panel to stop water trickling under the door clearance.
  • The diagram (below) illustrates how this profile is to be attached to the under side of a door panel.

PVC/Vinyl Water Stopper 90-Profile

  • PVC 90° Corner Profile, with soft vinyl lip.
  • Attached to vertical side of return panels near the strike side of a door panels.
  • The diagram (below) illustrates how this profile is to be attached to the return panel (horizontal blue bar), and the 90 degree lip covers the gap for the door panel (vertical blue bar).