Discover the satisfaction of the Over Bath Shower Screen

Over Bath Shower Screens

Bathroom Fun and Fashion with the Bath Shower Screens

Bathtubs are the place to be for a relaxing and comfortable experience after a long and dreary day. There is nothing more relaxing than soaking under bubbles in your bath tub, sometimes even with fragrant aromas used for aromatherapy, and one of the most excellent additions to your bath tub area is the Bath Shower Screens.

Style and Fashion

Bath Shower Screens provide a stylish ambiance to your bathroom area. Designed to fit most bathtub areas, over bath shower screens give you a fashionable way of having fun with your bathtub without making a mess of your pristine bathroom. These transparent shower screens boast a number of attractive designs that give you the freedom to choose the most appropriate one to fit your bathroom arrangement.

No Substitute for Substance

Our selections of Bath Shower Screens are built from top quality materials that reflect our commitment to provide high-class products at affordable prices. Each glass panel is composed of toughened glass from 6mm to 8mm in thickness, and are imported from the South East Asia. They can include either durable fixed mountings or versatile spring loaded hinges for added features and variable design.

Models for Your Bathtub

Our Bath Shower Screens are available in various types. There is a single fixed panel bath shower screen that provides you with a perfect screen without limiting your bathtub area. There is also a choice between free swinging shower screen panel and an over bath shower screen with spring loaded hinges for convenient access. The hinges and mounts are capable of being attached on the left or right side depending on the location of the wall.

And for an even more versatile shower screen, you can try the fixed panel with a single door model, which provides you with space for a corner shelf for your other bathtub items. The door is mounted on spring-loaded hinges for more convenience as well as easy access

Bath Shower Screens will truly make your bath area safe as well as beautifully modern.


We highly reccomend that you use an experience and qualfied professional shower screen installer, for the best results and workmanship. If you are within the Sydney area, we can refer you to installers who will perform excellent work.

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Bath Screen Hardware and Accessories

Hardware and accessories, may vary slightly with the different shower screen models:

Wall Mounted Hinges or 180° Hinges (Differs Between Shower Screen Models)

Standard Wall Mount Hinge
  • Wall mount hinges.
  • Centered back plate.
  • Requires 4 screws to the wall.
Offset Wall Mount Hinge
  • Offset wall mount hinges.
  • Back plate is aligned to the edge of the hinge to allow it to be screwed near a corner wall.
  • Spring-loaded, glass-to-glass hinges.
  • Self centering action from about 25°.
  • Pivots 90° in both directions, a total of 180°.

Brackets (Differs Between Shower Screen Models)

  • L-Shaped wall brackets.
  • Used to attached glass panels to the wall.

Corner Glass Shelves (Differs Between Shower Screen Models)

  • Measures 240mm x 240mm.
  • Corner glass shelves are stylish and makes a great addition to your shower screen, it is also used for two useful purposes. Firstly, it acts like a brace and provides additional support to frameless shower screens. Secondly, it gives a useful shelf to place all your shower products.

PVC/Vinyl Water Stopper H-Profile (Differs Between Shower Screen Models)

  • H-Shaped PVC/Vinyl water stopper profile.
  • Attach to the underside of the door panel to stop water trickling under the door clearance.
  • The diagram (below) illustrates how this profile is to be attached to the under side of a door panel.