Shower Screen Door Seal Lining For Your Shower Screens

Fixed Panel Walk In Shower Screens

Frameless Shower Screens, looks amazing but can get a bit messy

Many modern homes and hotels have bathrooms installed with frameless shower screens to create the look of a wide open area that is not cluttered with ugly aluminum frames. Frameless shower screens must have gaps between each glass panel to prevent the glass getting damaged every time the door opens and closes (you do not want glass rubbing against each other otherwise you will get glass flaking off the edges, and in worst case the whole panel will shatter). Sometimes, you may experience some water leaking out of the shower through these gaps, you can minimise this by using a shower door plastic rubber seal lining. These shower door water seals are attached to the glass panel (most often the door panel), and it has a soft rubber lip which covers the gap and helps prevent water for splashing or leaking out.

Easy Installation

The shower door plastic rubber seal lining is so easy to install, just push it onto the glass edge and the profile will grip onto the glass without the need of any adhesives. At the edge is a soft vinyl rubber lip that is both strong and flexible, you can trim this lip down to any desirable length to suit your uneven gap requirements. In case you need to replace your existing shower door seal lining, the installation is painless and straightforward, just pull off the old one and pop a new seal on. We have variable lengths available for purchases up to 2000mm. We also have plastic rubber shower door seals to fit 10mm, 8mm and 6mm thick glass.

No Spills Design

The shower door plastic rubber seal lining can substantially minimise the water that would normally leak through the space between the glass panel and the shower door. The shower door plastic rubber seal lining is functional and inconspicuous, you can hardly notice it on the shower screen.

Behind the classy exterior of our shower door plastic rubber seal lining is a new level of functionality that experts agree go beyond standard requirement for most shower screens.


Where can I purchase Shower Screen Plastic Rubber Door Seals?

Here is a list of some of our most popular plastic rubber shower door seals

We have more shapes available from our online store (visit our online store)

PVC Water Seal H-Shape

H-Shaped Profile

PVC Water Seal U-Shape

U-Shaped Profile

PVC Water Seal X-Shape

X-Shaped Profile

PVC Water Seal AU-Shape

AU-Shaped Profile

PVC Water Seal BK-Shape

BK-Shaped Profile

PVC Water Seal YK-Shape

YK-Shaped Profile

PVC Water Seal 90°-Shape

90°-Shaped Profile

PVC Water Seal 135°-Shape

135°-Shaped Profile

PVC Water Seal A-Shape

A-Shaped Profile

PVC Water Seal with Magnetic Strip

Magnetic Seal Profile

PVC Water Seal F-Shape

F-Shaped Profile

PVC Water Seal NF-Shape

NF-Shaped Profile