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Shower Screen Glass Support Brackets For Your Shower Screen


Shower Screen Glass Shelves and Support Bracket - Adding More Strength To Your Shower Screens

One of the more useful additions to the stylish and functional shower screens is the corner glass shelf. These glass shelves are attached to the shower screens by means of silicone and to the walls with the use of the shower screen glass support bracket, making them much more secure and more able to function effectively.

Adding More Functions with Glass Shelves

The shower screen glass shelves offer additional space to hold your other bathroom and shower items. Easily transforming a cluttered bathroom into organized elegance. This is done with the minimum of effort and without upsetting the carefully designed aesthetic balance of your bathroom shower.

What's more, the shower screen glass shelves give added value of providing support to the already stable shower screens. This support feature is mainly due to the ability of the shower screen glass support bracket to safely fix the glass shelf to the wall while giving added structural support to the transparent shower screen where the glass shelf is secured. With the additional attachment on the wall, the transparent shower screen becomes a more solid piece of bathroom fixture.

Made to Last

The shower screen glass support bracket is made from durable materials built to last for many years. But in cases of accident or wear and tear, the shower screen glass support bracket can easily be replaced at a very cheap price. This is one instance where the value is truly bigger than the price.

The brackets are made from a combination of chrome plating over brass providing a solid interior with a shiny smooth and classy exterior. The shower screen glass support bracket is built to handle transparent glass shelves with thickness ranging from 8mm up to 10mm. By attaching the glass shelves to the transparent shower screen panel, the combination further strengthens the entire shower screen assembly.


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