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Shower Screen Water Bar Threshold For Your Shower Screen

Shower Screen Water Bar Thresholds For Drier Bathroom Floors

Keeping the shower room dry can really take a lot of effort. That's why adding a shower screen water bar threshold to your shower screens makes perfect sense. You cannot find a more effective shower screen accessory than the shower screen water bar threshold.

No Water Leak Support

Frameless shower screens have become very popular in modern residences due mainly to its functional beauty and its effortless way of making a bathroom contemporary at affordable prices.

If after you have finished your bathroom renovations that include installation of a frameless shower screen, you find that your newly installed shower screens leak water at the bottom, do not be too overly concerned. All you really need to fix this is a shower screen water bar threshold.

Practical Water Bars

Shower screen water bar threshold is a sort of splashguard or water bar that you attach at the bottom of the screen to prevent water from leaking through the door clearance of a frameless shower screen. It presents both practical and aesthetic solution to the problem of water flowing through gaps between the shower screen door panel and the floor.

Smooth and Sleek Lines

Without comprising the elegant look of the frameless shower screens, the threshold bar succeeds wonderfully in reducing the amount of time that you have to spend cleaning the bathroom. Made from durable silver anodized aluminum and measures 610mm wide, the smooth and glossy finish complements the transparent look of your elegant shower screens.

Best for Flat Floors

The shower screen water bar threshold is especially designed by experts to work on level or flat bathroom floors or a bathroom designed with no hobs. Simply silicon it underneath the door clearance and you have the perfect accessory that will make your bathrooms safer from accidents.

Get the shower screen water bar threshold now for a totally splash-free bathroom floor.


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