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Frameless Shower Screens Sydney

Many people think of remodeling their bathroom but are scared of the expense that would entail. Fortunately, there are now shower screens in Sydney that can give your bathroom a make over for only a portion of what you would spend for a major renovation.

Quick Installation

Shower screens in Sydney are made of glass panels that are set up and fixed to enclose the area designated for showering. It can be a corner shower screen or an over bath shower screen. The corner shower screens have two or three panels that are attached to the wall. There is also a single panel shower screen called the Fixed Partition Shower Screen if you prefer a more open spaced showering area. You also have the option to have your shower screens custom made for your unique bathroom measurements, and its so easy with our online quotation system.

High Quality Frameless Glass

To maintain the beautiful lines of the glass screens, Shower screens in Sydney are made frameless. These shower screens use premium quality toughened glass which meet the quality standards set by the Australian Standards for both design and for toughened glass grade "A" safety glass quality.

Practical Elegance

Shower screens in Sydney can easily transform an outdated bathroom into a modern and expensive looking bathroom. With it's see-through glass panels, an illusion of more space is created and the room is perceived as bigger and more airy. The screens are also easier to clean compared to the old fashioned shower curtains. Ordinary glass cleaners will make it clear and sparkly again in no time at all.

Get Organised with Innovative Accessories

With the addition of clear safety glass shelves, you make your shower area more organized. The support brackets that are made from chrome over brass keep the glass more secure and add a touch of polish to the overall look. Handles for the screens can be a simple knob, or a towelbar and pull handle combo.

Pleasing to the eyes, practical and functional, shower screens in Sydney are the cost effective way to a current and stylish bathroom.

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