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Discover the Simplistic Beauty of a Frameless Sliding Door Showers

Simplistic Beauty

Our newest design, a frameless sliding door system, so simple and yet elegant beyond compare. The door glides effortlessly as you open and close the shower screen. The high quality stainless steel fittings gleam as the lighting reflects off its polished surface. The frameless sliding shower door screen is quickly making its mark as a sort after shower screen design.

Practicality and Quality

The frameless sliding shower door screen is great for those compact bathrooms that just doesn't have the space to use a pivoting hinged door. Its sliding door system means that if can virtually fit any bathroom. From the 10mm thick safety glass designed for durability, which complies with the strict Australian quality standards, down to the stainless steel fittings, each part is specifically designed to provide quality function as well as ergonomic practicality.

So Many Sizes Available to Fit Any Size Bathroom

We hold a wide selection of two panel wall to wall and three panel wall to wall sizes for the frameless Sliding Shower Door Screen, one of which is sure to fit your needs. Each size contains the same quality and elegance as the other. Truly, nothing is compromised with each product. And if you can't find the size that's right for you, we can even provide you with free online quote for a custom two panel wall to wall sliding shower door screen or a custom three panel wall to wall sliding shower door screen to suit your needs.

Your Shower Screen Specialist

Planning for your bathroom takes a lot of effort. With the frameless Sliding Shower Door Screens you are sure to be using the best frameless shower screens. These screens are designed and built by specialists and offered at the most excellent price. Get ready for a truly elegant showering experience.


We highly recommend that you use an experience and qualified professional shower screen installer, for the best results and workmanship. If you are within the Sydney area, we can refer you to installers who will perform excellent work.


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