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Discover the luxury of the Splay Diamond Corner Shower Screen

The Many Facets of Splay Diamond Shower Screens

Are you thinking of installing a shower screen in your home? Shower screens are great additions to any bathroom. They can be very functional and can modernize the look of a home effortlessly. The Splay Diamond Shower Screens are a particular favorite of many people today.

The Splay Diamond Shower Screens has three glass panels in a corner layout with a diagonal door. This makes it ideal for any bathroom design. The angled door allows for easy access into your shower enclosure. The screens are made from 10mm thick glass toughened glass all to Australian standards. Attached to these screens are practical water bar thresholds that prevent water from flowing out underneath the door clearance.

Complete Shower Enclosure

The Splay Diamond Shower Screens come with an elegant shower screen handle, stylish corner glass shelves, and the floor and wall brackets that are made of superior chrome over brass materials. All these make for a luxurious look that complements the screen's quality and performance.

Ideal for Small Bathrooms

These shower screens can make small bathrooms appear bigger than they really are. The glass screens create an illusion of space that can trick the eyes. The sleek and flawless look will give your home a contemporary bathroom while providing you maximum showering space.

If you like having a practical and trendy bathroom, Splay Diamond Shower Screens are the right shower screens for you.


We highly reccomend that you use an experience and qualfied professional shower screen installer, for the best results and workmanship. If you are within the Sydney area, we can refer you to installers who will perform excellent work.


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