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Frameless Three Panel Wall To Wall Sliding Shower Screen
Frameless Three Panel Wall To Wall Sliding Shower Screen
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1590~1615 x 2070h Three Panel Wall to Wall Sliding Door

Frameless Shower Screen
$658.00 (incl GST)

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was $940.00
Base Price$410.00
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Install Price$410.00

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Pick Up:Artarmon, NSW
Sliding System Diagram Provided
Installation Manual Not Available

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[Included in Price]
Matte Black
[add 130.00]
Select Size
1490 ~ 1515
1540 ~ 1565
1590 ~ 1615
1640 ~ 1665
1690 ~ 1715
1740 ~ 1765
1790 ~ 1815
1840 ~ 1865
1890 ~ 1915
1900 ~ 1925
1940 ~ 1965
1990 ~ 2000
Wall to Wall Sliding Shower Screen
Fixed Panel
Door Panel
Fixed Panel
50mm ~ 10mm
10mm ~ 5mm

22mm between
Door & Fixed
Door Opens
Fixed Panel
Fixed Panel
Door Panel
Door Closes

* Above measurements is an approximate calculation and should only be used as a guideline. Silicon beading has not been factored into the calculations of the above measurements, 3mm silicon beading is recommended. Overlap between door and fixed panels have an overlap which is adjustable between 50mm to 30mm. Overlap between door and return panels have an overlap which is adjustable between 10mm to 5mm.

Scroll cursor over above image for more information

Image above does not reflect any upgrades

Package Includes
  • 1x Door Panel
  • 1x Fixed Panel
  • 1x Fixed Panel
  • 1x Handle
  • 2x Door Rollers
  • 1x Door Guide
  • 2x Fixed Panel Rail Clips
  • 2x Stoppers
  • 2x Wall Mounts
  • 1x Rail
  • 4x Wall Brackets
  • 1x PVC-NF 2000mm
  • 1x Waterbar
What's the difference between the HT and ST models?
Glass Type Wall to Wall Width Heights
Clear Safety Glass
10mm Thick
1590mm ~ 1615mmTotal Height: 2070mm
Glass Height: 2000mm
Entrance WidthGap Between Door & Fixed Panels Layout Reversible
460mm ~ 505mmDoor Panel Slides Behind the Fixed Panel
The Gap Between Door & Fixed Panels is 22mm
Finishing on HardwareCertified Product Warranty
ChromeAS1288 & AS2208 One Year
Installation Requirements
  • Glass panels are cut square so you need to check that you walls are plumb and floors are level within a 5mm tolerance, find out more information here.
  • Wall tiles must be from floor to ceiling or there must at least have wall tiles up to the height of the screen because the position of fittings are set.
  • You need a minimum of 50mm of flat level floor for the fixed panel and door to be installed, the fixed panel and door cannot be installed on different elevations of 3mm or more.
  • You need to leave a minimum of 20mm buffer before the back edge of the door hits the wall.
  • You need to be able to securely screw the rail into the wall.
  • Not suitable to be installed with a linear grate drain.
  • Not suitable to be installed on top of a bathtub.
Sliding Shower Screen System
sliding shower screen door handle
  • 1x Door Handle
sliding shower screen door roller
  • 2x Door Rollers
sliding shower screen door stopper
  • 2x Door Stoppers
sliding shower screen door fixed to rail clip
  • 2x Fixed Rail Clip
    (fixed panel to rail clip)
sliding shower screen rail wall mounting clip
  • 2x Wall Mount
    (wall to rail clip)
sliding shower screen door guide track
  • 1x Door Guide
    (bottom track for door)
Wall Brackets
  • L-Shaped wall brackets.
  • Used to attached glass panels to the wall.
  • Glass has pre-drilled holes for brackets.
  • Wall brackets positioned:
      - 200mm from the top &
      - 227mm from the bottom
  • Screw and plug included.
  • Finish: Chrome

[Included in Price]
(4x Wall Brackets)
shower screen glass to wall bracket fitting - chrome
shower screen glass to wall bracket fitting - chrome
  • Water bars are excellent for flat or level bathroom floor, without a fall to waste or hob.
  • It is siliconed to the floor, inline with the fixed panel and underneath the door.
  • Provides a barrier to stop water flowing out underneath the door.
  • Finish: Chrome

[Included in Price]
(1x Waterbar)
shower screen waterbar - chromeshower screen waterbar - chrome
Water Stopper Seal, NF-Shape for Vertical Side of Door Panel
Vertical PVC Seal
(1x PVC10-NF 2000mm)
[Not Included in Price]
Extra Vertical PVC Seal
(2x PVC10-NF 2000mm)
[add $10.00]
  • NF-Shape PVC water stopper profile.
  • Attached to vertical side of a door or fixed panel, it prevents water from splashing out through the gap between panels.
  • The diagram (below) illustrates how this profile is to be attached to the side of a panel.

  • Material: Hard PVC plastic and Soft Vinyl lip
shower screen pvc water stopper profile nfshower screen pvc water stopper profile nf
Setting Blocks
Setting Blocks
(0x Packs)
[Not Included in Price]
Add Setting Blocks
(1x Pack)
[add $5.00]
  • Setting blocks are essential for a frameless shower screen installation to be successful.
  • Provides a cushion for the glass panel to sit on and support the panels weight.
  • Glass edges are prevented from touching the tiles because the setting block ensures there is the correct glass-to-tile spacing. The glass edge should never come in contact with any hard surface.
  • Recommended for DIY installations or if your installer does not have his own setting blocks.
  • Assorted Pack of 5
  • 3.2mm thick x 12mm wide x 50mm length (3pcs)
  • 10mm thick x 12mm wide x 50mm length (2pcs)
  • NOTE: All Yss approved third-party installers have their own setting blocks.
glass setting block
Commercial Grade Silicon
No Silicon
(0x Tube)
[Not Included in Price]
(1x Tube)
[add $20.00]
  • Translucent Neutral Cure Anti-Fungal Silicone Adhesive 300g
  • One part 100% oxime neutral curing adhesive
  • Resists mildew when exposed to prolonged hot and humid environments

Key Performance Properties
- Non Slump
- Mildew Resistant
- Outstanding Weatherability
- Excellent Adhesion
- Excellent UV Resistance
- 5 Star VOC Compliant
Commercial Grade Silicone
EnduroShield DIY Glass Treatment Kit
No Glass Treatment
(0x Packs)
[Not Included in Price]
EnduroShield DIY Kit
(1x Pack)
[add $65.00]
  • EnduroShield DIY Glass Treatment Kit
  • You can apply it with no experience.
  • Simple spray & wipe solution takes minutes to apply & cuts cleaning time by up to 90%.
  • Each pack contains everything you need including cleaner and polishing pad.
  • Simply clean the glass with the pre-treatment cleaner included.
  • Apply the EnduroShield protective layer and wait for it to dry.
enduroshield diy glass treatment kit
Premium Quality Grade 'A' Toughened Safety Glass
  • The shower screen glass panels is made from premium quality Grade A toughened glass.
  • This shower screen complies with the Australian Standards AS1288 for design and complies with the Australian Standards AS2208 for toughened grade A safety glass quality.
  • Material: 10mm thick Clear Toughened Grade A Safety Glass
Packaging Weight & Size
Panel 1 of 3210 cm70 cm5 cm30 kg
Panel 2 of 3210 cm65 cm5 cm28 kg
Panel 3 of 3210 cm60 cm5 cm25 kg
Box of Fittings25 cm25 cm15 cm5 kg
(actual product may vary slightly from illustrated pictures)
Returns and Exchange Policy
Faulty Products
You are entitled to a refund, exchange, or repair depending if the product fault results from a major or non-major failure (read)
Non-Faulty Products
Conditions :Refund or Exchange will only be accepted if:
  • the product is returned within 14 days from the date of dispatch or collection
  • the product has not been used or you have not attempted to install the product
  • the product and packaging is not damaged
  • the product is not: a special order, a clearance item, or a TNT-FedEx freighted item

Refunds :A 20% (or $50 whichever greater) cancellation and handling fee applies to the refunded amount
  • the product is to be returned to our warehouse at your own cost
  • refund applies to the purchased price of the product
  • freight or postage is non-refundable

Exchanges :A $50 administration and handling fee applies to exchanges
  • the product is to be returned to our warehouse at your own cost
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